Empowering Women with LIFE CHANGING Skincare!

After years of suffering from melasma, I finally found skincare products that WORKED, and they have literally changed my life forever!

Hi! I'm Sheila, and I show women exactly how to have the best skin of their lives, and how to build a successful business from sharing North America's #1 Skincare products.

Curious to learn more about getting your skincare paid for or earning a FREE Mercedes? Let's chat!


No Experience Needed!

Probably like you, I never expected that I would get into direct sales. I mean, I attended to college, own a construction company, and thought network marketing was a sham. This was not on my radar!

However, about 4 years ago, my construction company had a HUGE fail on a job, and I lost BIG. I was literally freaking out, crying, feeling sorry for myself, and very worried how I was going to make my kiddo's next college tuition payment.

So, I took a leap of faith and joined a friend in her business, and my life has been forever changed. Sounds dramatic, but it couldn't be a more truthful statement.

Not only has my skin never looked better, but I have learned a better way to earn an income without compromising my time being away from my family. Plus, now I can work from anywhere, in my pjs, and only when I want!

Was I scared? Absolutely, but I was coachable and determined, and these are the only 2 skills that you need to be successful.

Through my success, I have become a top leader in this industry and very PASSIONATE about this business opportunity and sharing my secrets to success with others that I work with.

Could that be you? Don't overthink it, let's chat and find out.




PERKS of the Job!

  • Low start-up cost and monthly overhead!
  • Only work 3 hours each week!
  • Work WHEN, WHERE, and HOW MUCH you want!
  • Pandemic proof!
  • Residual income!
  • Tax advantages!
  • Only need your phone & WiFi!
  • Earn free traveling, car, gifts, etc!
  • Not stressful at all, in fact it is so much FUN!

Imagine the Possibilities!

  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Pay for your kids' braces
  • Start a family travel fund
  • Pay your mortgage payment
  • Make your car payment
  • Start an education fund
  • Fund a retirement plan
  • Buy a second home
  • Give back philanthropically

Ways I can help you...

My Experience

From being a top leader on our team and in our company for the past few years, it's my passion to stay extremely plugged in and help you achieve your goals. I want to help you stay organized and motivated, instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed. I can share with you the exact income producing activities you need to do and what not to waste your time on.

Free Training

  • My "Step by Step Plan for Success"
  • Virtual ongoing Training
  • Weekly Zoom or Calls
  • 1:1 access to me
  • Corporate & Team Support
  • Business Tracking System
  • How to use Social Media
  • Business Phone App
  • And so MUCH MORE!

Make work FUN!

Life is stressful enough, and I want this to be an enjoyable experience that adds to your life instead draining your more! I will help you set goals and show you the steps to obtain them, but this is YOUR business, and you will never feel pressure from me. You get to decide WHEN, and HOW MUCH you work it! And promise that we will laugh and have lots of fun along the way!


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