A Few Testimonials...

“I had used the R+F products for years and was interested in becoming a consultant but wasn't sure how I'd be able to juggle that with my full time job and large family. But Sheila assured me that she would break it down for me and guide me every step of the way. Not only does she continue to help me, but now I am earning a great side income and writing off my skincare and expenses on my taxes. My husband loves it!”

- Daniele A.

“I've known Sheila since high school and watched her success in RF grow on social media. The truth is, I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a skincare consultant or not, but I wanted to join in on the fun her team was having. I've never worked before, so I wasn't sure about the commitment, but Sheila assured me she could show me how I could work this business in 3 hours a week. Now, not only am I having a blast, but my skin feels and looks incredible, and I love sharing this with my friends. Everyone loves the products, so it's easy to retain customers. ”

- Kelly W.

“I'm a very busy wife, mom, an NP, and I a real estate agent. I became a customer of Sheila's and after 2 months I knew that I wanted to join her because everyone was complimenting my skin and long lashes. I wasn't sure how I would fit it is, but Sheila's step plan made it so easy. Plus, I know that I can text or call her for help anytime. I'm still new at this, but I am loving the residual income from only a few hours each week!”

- KR

“I was in my late 20s when I started my business and knew that I loved the products but wasn't sure if my friends would want to invest in skincare. To my huge surprise and delight, I have built an incredible business and now driving a brand new car! Sheila continues to help me and I'm pretty sure I would have quit without her help and support. She really showed me exactly what to do and is super encouraging."

- Brittany P.

“I've known Sheila since college, and I really wanted to join her when she started but money was an issue. I'm so grateful that I trusted her to invest in myself and her and jump in. I was so scared of embarrassing myself or worse... failing, but thanks to Sheila's help... my finances and my complexion have never looked better! It took me a while to get started because I was scared to reach out to my friends and tell them what I was doing, But, Sheila worked with me until I was comfortable and now it's just automatic. Grateful for this blessing!”

- Jaimie T

“Sheila is my cousin, so when she signed up, she immediately told me I needed to join her! Not really knowing what I'd signed up for, and being a little hesitant since I live many states away, I am so glad that I did. My husband and I love the skincare and with zoom and phone calls, Sheila made the training very easy! Plus now we can take "business trip" to see each other and train in person! :)”

- Hollie V.