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There are a LOT of direct sales opportunities out there. Make sure that you do your homework because not all direct sales companies are the same! Use my FREE Checklist to help you CHOOSE the RIGHT opportunity for you! I'll share with your exactly what to look for and what to avoid!


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A few months ago, I was interviewed on a podcast as a leader in direct sales. Listen to my podcast interview and learn more about my philosophy. If you join me then I will not only help you crush your first 90 days, but I'll help you every step of the way! Plus, if you join me, you'll also get my "Step by Step Plan for Success" for FREE!

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From my first month in business to the one that I'm working now, I utilize a set of rules and income producing activities that will work for most any direct sales opportunity. Should you join me, I'll share with you much more specific ones and exactly how to implement them!

Why Network Marketing is BETTER!

The Benefits of Network Marketing

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The #1 Reason that Network Marketing is BETTER!

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